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Hello Funtouch OS user,

Today, I am  going  to share  a very different and  premium  theme with  you. This  theme  is very beautiful and brings with it a lot of great features.

In this theme you will find a lot of Great feature to explore. Coming to the features of the theme, it is going  to  have  a  very  different  homescreen, lockscreen and other interface also. Homescreen icons are amazing, Lockscreen also have similar layout, apart from this you will get to see different UI of Settings, Dialer, and other sytem apps.

Your smartphone's look will change completely after applying this theme. It is an attractive theme that will provide you a much cleaner experience  with  a  premium  interface. Theme  designed with simple Minimalistic changes.

As some of you may know. This theme is made in itz format, which only works for vivo and iqoo smartphones, which are running on Funtouch OS. This theme is built for latest Funtouch OS version, So the theme is completely bug free and optimized. Currently, Funtouch OS version 11 and 11. 1 device is not fully applied but soon a solution to this problem will be found.

You will get this theme for absolutely free, with very easy download links.You can check our YouTube channel or Instagram for password.

If you do not know how to download or apply then you can follow the steps given below.

If anything of this site is found on any other site or on other YouTube channel, then legal action will be taken without inform.

How to download theme:

1. Scroll down to the bottom of this page you will find the download link section.

2. Now according to your system or requirment, click on the blue color download button.

3. After this you will be automatically redirected to a new page. Now you have to wait for 15 seconds. After the timer stops, scroll to the bottom of the page.

4. Here you have to click on the blue color button(Open-Continue) again. . Then the direct link will open in front of you. Download the theme from here. 

How to apply theme:

1. Ones you download the theme, You have to follow below steps to apply theme.

2. Open filemanager, click on upper 3 Dot, Go to filemanager (DOWNLOAD) setting and Enable display hidden directories and files.

3. Extract theme file(.zip) through password using vivo default Filemanager and  then delete iTheme folder.
 [you will get password in YouTube video or instagram post]
3. Now copy the particular Theme to 

4. Now remove all background Apps and refresh device.

5. Open Theme or itheme, you will get Theme in Top of all themes.

Important Tips about Theme problem

1. If theme format is .itz then you don't need to extract.

2. If You get so many files and folders after extraction Then Delete all folder and files just rename .zip file to .itz 

3. If theme is not showing in iTheme or disappearing from T folder, Then delete/move all your old theme.If still problem exist you can text me on Instagram or Telegram.

After that try again
4. If your smartphone don't have vivo default filemanager you can download and install from here: Click

 5. Theme support in All itheme version
   [except 7.0 or above etc. latest version]

Theme preview

Theme Specification

  • Colorful icons
  • Lockscreen
  • Charging animation
  • Control Panel*
  • Setting UI*
  • Dialer*
  • Navigation Keys*
  • Status Bar*

Note: These changes are applicable only on devices below Funtouch OS 10.5

Theme information 

Compatible OS: All Funtouch OS Ver. below 11
Developed by: Themes Gallery
Date of creation:  22 Aug, 2023

Download links:


Theme All Funtouch OS Ver.

File name: Blue
File size: 7.69MB Approx.

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If you have any suggestion or queries related to Themes, You can share with us

If you have any suggestion or queries related to Themes, You can share with us

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